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Posted by avriesa on January 16, 2016

Setelah bertahun2 yang seru bener..akhirnya sampai jg ke blog ini lagi *kecupbasahblogtercintah*

Sambil mikir mau nulis apa, tadi sejenak scroll ke bawah liat2 postingan terdahulu..and my my… i’ve even forgotten how much i love to write! Coming here and doing this, i’m like flexing muscles i forgot i had all this time:)

Jadi bbrp hari terakhir, baru dapet pencerahan sedikit. Nothing much, just my sole life purpose on the face of this earth :)) Made quite a mess when i realized it, and broke some walls too. And we all know, when we brake walls, we get holes… and I’m still working on those..

But at the end of the day, i’m still thankful, for the chance to finally accept, let go and move on. Bismillah.

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4 hours

Posted by avriesa on June 13, 2013

There’s only 24 hours in a day. That is the ultimate constrain in life, time. Its the most precious thing in the world, and its up to us to use it wisely.

2 hours of traffic, 6 hours of night sleep, 2 hours for eating, and another 2 for the small things. That alone counts to half of a day. 8 hours of work leaves us with 4 hours. 4 precious hours we so easily waste away.

I’m amazed at how a friend of mine holds persistently to his office hour. Other people find it easy to, say, have a cup of coffee after hours with some friends, or some quick chat before going home..or spending an extra hour or two tidying up the day’s work. But this dude, he shows up always an hour early, and goes home always an hour early. 8 hours a day is the only amount of time he gives for his work. Not a minute less, and (apart from a handful of emergency siuations), not a minute more.

I have the utmost respect on how he manages to keep this habit. Its not easy, and i know personally he made sacrifices to uphold it, but he believes, as I do, that its worth it. He respects himself enough to draw this limit, to stand up for himself, defending his 4 hours.

Its so easy to get caught up doing your job,ย  or something else you like, but 24 hours is not a lot, you have other needs and your job CAN wait. The only way to not overwork, is to simply refuse to overwork.

I know this an oversimplification, and for some an 8 to 5 is a luxury they cannot afford. But just review your needs, really, and do draw a line before its too late. Its your responsibility.

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Counting the days

Posted by avriesa on July 13, 2011

Til you’re here with us:) 38 weeks and counting

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Reservasi N*v*tel Bog*r

Posted by avriesa on June 6, 2011

Hello dear blog! Setelah berbulan2 ga ada ide dan ga sempet mulu mo ngapdet blog, akhirnya hari ini bisa nambah post baru hehehe..
Topiknya adalah, reservasi hotel n*v*tel bog*r. Kenapa gw kasi tanda bintang2 ga jelas bgitu? Biar agak misterius dikit aja n kl di gugel ga tlalu gampang keluarnya๐Ÿ˜›
Ceritanya libur lebaran ntar maknyak punya ide hebat untuk menghindar dari masak2 di rmh, yaitu liburan kluar kota!๐Ÿ˜€ Karena kebetulan dah pernah jg nginep di ..euuh..hotel tersebut..dan kynya enak banget menjauh dr kota ke kerimbunan pepohonan, jadilah diputuskan untuk book hotel tersebut diatas:)

1st attempt booking: Telp lgsg ke hotel, dikasi harga per kamar katakanlah Rp. X. Confirmed, 2 kamar, 2 malam blablabla. Bbrp hari kemudian, dateng telepon dari pihak hotel yg ngabarin bahwa…harganya salah…mestinya..euh berapa ya waktu itu selisihnya, kl ga slh antara 1.5 – 2 kali lipat. Alesannya krn itu peak season -.- I find it hard to believe that you could give someone the wrong price at time of reservation yah..๐Ÿ˜ Tapi gw hargai lah seenggaknya dia ngabarin:) Anyways, karena shock ama perbedaan harganya, jadilah kita cancel seketika itu reservasi :))

2nd attempt: Setelah laporan ke maknyak ttg kejadian di atas, ksian gt sedih bener kynya hahaha…Gugel2 lg, nyari pilihan hotel laen..tapi..kynya ga ada deh yg rimbun2annya ngalahin tu hotel, ada jg paling di sekitar puncak dimana diasumsikan macetnya pasti lebih stengah mati lagi kl kesana abis lebaran..Jadilah endingnya kita pasrah n mo booking disitu lagi aja..dengan patokan harga yg dikabarin tempo hari.

Kali ini gw iseng nyoba book lwt website ajah (aga2 malasy nelpon lg ke situ..). Jadilah gw coba input bookingan lwt website Acc*r, sebagai owner dari hotel chainnya. Ets, loh, kok…lebih murah daripada pas dikabarin lwt telpon tempo hari??? 1/3 lebih murah gt?? Wohow, mungkinkah gw hoki? Eeehhhh tapi pas step terakhir (konfirmasi), kaga jalan aja gt tebak si karena ada mandatory fieldnya yg kosong (country), tapi anehnya emang dropdown boxnya kosong kok, ky ga ke-load gt pas load page-nya. Hmm, sebelom patah semangat, gw coba telp lg ke hotelnya, cukup percaya diri bahwa bisa dibantu ama local staff hotelnya aja lgsg, dan harganya mestinya sinkron dong yaa….well..guess again :)) Tetep looh gw dikasi harga yg dikabarin waktu ditelpon di 1st attempt diatas..pas gw tanya kok lwt website lbh murah, ngelesnya cuman disitu harga bwt tanggal segitu belom keluar…ha?? Lah dulu pas nelp gw ngabarin tu harga die dapet inspirasi dari mana ngomong ke gw bilangan segitu? TERUS, berarti harga yg skrg dia kasi jg ga binding dong? (Pantes tempo hari pas 1st attempt gw tanyain ada imel konfirmasi apa nggak, mereka bilang ga ada..terus bukti gw dah booking apaan dong?) Singkat cerita, jadi mereka tau ga si kl gw booking tgl segitu harganya sebenernya berapa? :)) :)) :)) Mantap lah, dari dulu booking hostel online ampe nginep di poppies lane aja yg ngemper2 kaga pernah kaya begini anehnya wakakakak…

Sampe tahap ini, gw dah mulai mengilfil sedikit, ada yg saalah ni kynya ama ni hotel -.-”… Tapi, demi selisih harga yg mayan deh antara yg didapet di website dan lwt telepon, i’m pushing my luck w/ one last step.. Cari contact number Acc*r di Indonesia! Setelah dapet, bilang bhw lwt website ga jln ni, dropdownnya kosong blablabla..akhirnya dibantuin deh booking sama mbak2 yg baik hati di ujung telepon sana, dan amazingly, harganya BENER YG DI WEBSITE! gyahahahahaha… Dah gt baek bener lg (gw aja yg kesenengan dikasi harga website kali yak, jadi hype gt ), nawarin “ada lg yg mo di request bu?” Yowes gw iseng2 aja minta full view, kamar sebelahan n baby cot bwt adek bayi (soon to come ^_^ insyaallah..), and she gladly note them down. Gw agak ragu sih, bakal ada yg kesampean itu 33nya, ekspektansi gw sama local staffnya agak menurun karena pengalaman2 diatas๐Ÿ˜› But we’ll see lah:)

Akhir kata, skrg booking dah confirmed, formalized lwt e-mail konfirmasi yg dah nyampe jg, ADA HARGA-nya jg ketulis disitu, dan sementara cuman bisa sampe sini lah gw usahanya. Ntar palingan h-2 gw confirm lg ke local staff…moga2 ga aneh2 lg jawabannya deh -.-”…

Sebagai penutup cerita, marilah kita review lesson learned dari pengalaman ini: Kalo mau murah, jgn cepet nyerah! :)) Jijay berat, ada pantunnya gt..

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my precious, and other things

Posted by avriesa on January 18, 2011

Sampe ke minggu ke 13 ini blm prnah skalipun nulisin topik yg satu ini, tp minggu ini dah ga tahan lagiii๐Ÿ˜€ mana dah kangen ngebuka blog setia yg tlah terabaikan semena2 hehehe..

Ceritanya sabtu kmrn jadwal periksa ke dr,teruus pas di usg ya ampun itu si jabangbayi kok ya jumpalitan seru beneer :)) I’d be amazed seeing it move at all,tapi liat hebohnya gt jadi tambah terpana *ealah*๐Ÿ˜›

Sayangnya karena kehebohannya jg, om dr ga bs ngukur panjangnya dgn baik dan benar,beratnya malah ga diukur sama sekali. Pokoknya ktnya sehat,gw dah alhamdulillah deh:) bulan depan harus lbh seru lagi yah de’! Truus,misi makan banyak smakin digenjot biar ade’nya smakin sehattt dan kuattt! Sampe sekarang frekuensi makan +nyemil masi terus terjaga di bilangan 7-8 kali sehari:)

Smntara itu abang br pindah kantor,yg tnyata ga kenal istilah hanimun period,masuk sehari dah disuru presentasi kmana2 hahaha..kasian si abang,smoga betah yaaa..kl ga betah, balik lg ke kantor-kerja-rodi-yang-tak-bole-disebut-namanya gpp d,aku ikhlas T___T” yg pnting kan dah nyobain:)

Prediksi ttg si ade’ sudah ber-skor sementara 4-1, dgn posisi mayoritas meramalkan “it’s a girl!” :)) we’ll see..

Waa senengnya nulis lg, wonder how it’ll look like,soalnya nulisnya dr hape baru neh *ehem*๐Ÿ˜€

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