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Tontonan terpaporit

Posted by avriesa on October 25, 2013

Theres not a lot of movies that i’d happily watch more than once. Theres even less movies that i did watch more than once, happily.
So, when i came across an amazing movie just last night, which i will happily watch more and more times, i knew i just had to make this list. A list of movies that move me.
They’re the best pick-me-ups, so just in case i need them someday, i’ll build this list and add more to it everytime i found a worthy entry.

For me, a special kind of movie doesn’t just entertain, it inspires. It grips you, stuns you, leaves you enriched like your time had been most wisely spent.
You wont find any superheroes movie here, nor a lot of box office type action. So boring and bland, that comparing those with the ones on my list below is like comparing fast food with a chef’s cooking.

So here we go:

1. Original Sin
Don’t get me wrong, i watched the (heavily) censored version on tv the first time, so any love scene has nothing to do with my infatuation for this movie :)) In fact when i watched it the second time, the full version, i actually think the first time’s version is better. Angelina Jolie played excellently, and i don’t think i’ve ever liked another banderas movie xD
Shortly, the story’s poetic, with good characters supporting it. Nice twists too.

2. Avatar
‘Nuff said.

3. The fall
Postcard moments. It’s like watching a series of gorgeus paintings. I should watch it one more time, maybe a blueRay version..

4. Love actually
Another romance. I like the multiplots. A light, heartwarming story with a nice cast too.

5. Imagine me & you
I’ll bet you’ve never seen anything like this before. Anyway, i am now a devout fan of the writer and director, and vow to watch every single movie he makes.
“Sure is for people who don’t love enough”

6. Forrest Gump
Well made, tom hanks at his absolute best, to me. This and that one where he got lost in some island, which for the very reason that i cannot remember the title, fail to make this list :))

7. Free Willy, the first and second one
The first movie (after watching Sea Quest series), that made me want to be a marine biologist…too bad that didn’t work out.

8. Before sunrise & before sunset
Shows that a movie can be so simple yet still be able to touch your heart..excellent script. Before midnight, the last sequel, is in my must watch list.

9. Romeo and Juliet, the DiCaprio-Danes version
Honestly, i can’t bear the lines, and can’t understand half of it :)) But just seeing the magic happening, with poetic words (whatever they mean :D).. there’s just something about it.
Cool soundtrack too.

:)) Girly, friendship-y, like an Indonesian version of the Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants (Which is good, but doesn’t quite make it to this list).

11. Fight club
Men. Tough, crazy, fight-loving men. Fun to watch, and easy on the eyes ;D

12. [to be continued]

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4 hours

Posted by avriesa on June 13, 2013

There’s only 24 hours in a day. That is the ultimate constrain in life, time. Its the most precious thing in the world, and its up to us to use it wisely.

2 hours of traffic, 6 hours of night sleep, 2 hours for eating, and another 2 for the small things. That alone counts to half of a day. 8 hours of work leaves us with 4 hours. 4 precious hours we so easily waste away.

I’m amazed at how a friend of mine holds persistently to his office hour. Other people find it easy to, say, have a cup of coffee after hours with some friends, or some quick chat before going home..or spending an extra hour or two tidying up the day’s work. But this dude, he shows up always an hour early, and goes home always an hour early. 8 hours a day is the only amount of time he gives for his work. Not a minute less, and (apart from a handful of emergency siuations), not a minute more.

I have the utmost respect on how he manages to keep this habit. Its not easy, and i know personally he made sacrifices to uphold it, but he believes, as I do, that its worth it. He respects himself enough to draw this limit, to stand up for himself, defending his 4 hours.

Its so easy to get caught up doing your job,  or something else you like, but 24 hours is not a lot, you have other needs and your job CAN wait. The only way to not overwork, is to simply refuse to overwork.

I know this an oversimplification, and for some an 8 to 5 is a luxury they cannot afford. But just review your needs, really, and do draw a line before its too late. Its your responsibility.

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Set of firsts

Posted by avriesa on June 4, 2013

There’s a first time for everything.

Hari ini belanja piriang. Bukan, bukan bwt bikin restoran padang, tp bwt ngisi ruBut bwt upcoming (very) soft launch (almost a) party :)) you’d never think you need so much, dan gabungan antara : 1.bukan penggemar belanja n 2. Bawa toddler ke toko piring (…helohhh..kebayang kan? XD) membuat bantuan emak jd amat berharga. Tinggal pilih gambar/motif/ warna, terus tinggal aja deh si emak bwt nentuin biasanya perlu apa aja n perlu at least berapa biji… Sementara itu setelah deg2an megangin si unyil keliling2 toko, akhirnya nyadar bhw kedaung (dengan super cerdasnyah!) jual majalah anak2…dan ada sofa kecil di pojokan..ayey! Jadilah J bs dibius sedikit sama buku disney Junior, sementara nyokapnya bs kliling2 dikit.

Hasil akhir, satu set piring harian yg tnyata sebuah breakfast set..which explains the tea cups I found in the box..satu set piring n gelas acara tetamuan..sama centong n sendok nasi. Udah cukup? Belonnnn..masi hrs nyari bbrp item lg, tp sblm ke toko, paling gampang dicrosscheck dl sama bakl calon lungsuran wekekek, so that’s my todo tomorrow. Apalagih…total kerusakan agak lumayan *cegluk *nanar menatap bon :))

Moving out is definitely a grown up thing. For some it comes easily, or early in life, but for me its neither. Let’s see..there’s a first time for everything :)

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rumah butut, n some other things..

Posted by avriesa on June 1, 2013

Yikes..saking lamanya ga buka ni blog sampe lupa passwdnya hahaha…how is it hmm..a bit dusty with my writing skills..if I were to call it a skill at all..okelah lets catch up dalam sebuah postingan sinopsis sapu jagad… (sik..cuuy nyari tombol koma aja ga ketemu2 inih di ni hape…).. , ah! Yap found it ;)

Pertamah..J sudah besaaar! (Emak lebay) Walau sampe skrg dia sndiri bersikeras masi kecil karena slogan yg didengungkan adalah “kalo udah gede kan ga nyusu lagi?”..alhasil tiap dipuji udah gede malah mncak2 hahahaha! Iya deh take your time yaaa..

Keduah! Kemanusiaan yg adil da..err..salah..kedua topik yg aga lebih berat..adjusting to home life is kinda tricky..difficult yet amazing at the same time! Kadang matik gaya, berasa otak tambah tumpul n karatan..n hrs belajar pinter2 ngatasinnya..I hereby declare to..find a hobby! *sedih bgt hobi aja dicari dulu yak wakakak* makanyah, sebagai awal mula usaha..dikoreklah otak bwt nginget2 passwd ni blog, let’s write!

Last for today..rumah butut (dimana mulai skrg akan kita sebut sbagai ruBut..) udah slesaaai! Its an exaggeration really..karena dibilang selesai tiap nengok adaa aja yg kynya blm beres -.-”.. tapi at least udah sangat layak huni loh..sampe2 bnyk bgt yg numpang nginep disitu…kecil2…coklat n kakinya bnyk..udah ketebak? Iyah..kecoak.. bwahahaha sapu ampe dah mo rusak dipakein gebuk kecoak..udah 4 lusin kali disapuin dr dlm rmh n skitarnya..setelah disemprot baygon..terus mereka..euh..tidur least itu yg dibilang ke J ; D you’re too young to know death dear :)) tp yg jls dah tambah ciamik sedikit2 laah..segera launching yah! Amiiin!

Terakhir…lg nyari hp ni..kriterianya murmer (kepala max 2), bisa bwt baca resep dgn nyaman tapii ga yg kegedean..dan built quality penting! No flimsy shiny fingerprint magnet plastic casing please ;/ dan terakhir..kl bs sih, enak bwt nulis blog jg. Intinya perlu gadget sapujagad yg cucok n nancep di ati..any ideas? Nothing with a fruit as a logo please ;)

Hokeh sekian dan terima kasih :D

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movies that wow me

Posted by avriesa on January 22, 2012

1.The fall..pretty pretty pics ^__^
2.Legends of the first 3 hour movie *zzZZzzzz..
3.Remains of the day
4.Before sunrise
5.Before sunset
6.Forrest Gump
7.Infernal affairs
8.Free willy *kinda off,but still, life changing..*
9.Interview w/the first encounter..w/handsome vampires :)))
11.Original Sin
12.Inception *sick cinematography xO
13.Bruce Almighty *gets me every time :))

*growing list*

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